Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

By Published On: July 5, 2021

Romantic relationships can be challenging and certainly have there ups and downs. There are common mistakes we all make, usually unconsciously that could be sabotaging our chances of success. Becoming aware of these behaviours can help you avoid them and enjoy the process towards a fulfilling relationship. Let’s take a look at some of these and learn how to fix them.


When you meet someone you really connect with, it’s easy to project your own ideals onto them. This projection can create a set of unrealistic expectations which in turn can lead to disappointments and place undue pressure on a relationship. While it’s natural and may seem harmless in the “lusting phase” to see everything through rose coloured glasses, this perfect image almost always fades.

Learn to take a step back and begin to focus on the experience. In doing so, you are letting go of the created fantasy and instead seeing the person for who they are. Only then you can embrace and truly enjoy the journey.

Being with someone for the wrong reasons

When you are single, it can feel that everyone you know is “coupled up”. Pressure from family, friends and even society can heighten that delusion. A great question to ask yourself; ‘does this relationship feel fulfilling?’ When you examine the answer you are able to clear out the noise and feel the truth from your heart rather than your busy mind.

Other common reasons we engage in relationships stem from both boredom and loneliness. These feelings are natural human conditions that affect us all but they shouldn’t be your motivation for coupling up.

You deserve to be in a relationship that excites and inspires you. Figure out what’s going on in your life and find other ways to satisfy and fulfill the void. When relationships are driven by a sense of neediness or fear rather than openness and curiosity, it’s time to reasses. You should genuinely enjoy being with someone, rather than believing that being in a relationship will complete you.

Avoiding Conflict

We all have boundaries, however we tend to neglect them when embarking on a new relationship. Avoiding conflict and having difficult conversations are usually supressed during the early relationship stage. This will eventually create tension and resentment between yourself and your partner. Accepting conflict and different points of views, as a part of any relationship, is a normal aspect of life and quite frankly, very necessary.
Having an open heart and sincere curiosity help to strengthen our bonds with one another. This allows for a much deeper understanding and a focus on enjoying the experience without labels or an attachment to the outcome. ie: who’s right vs who’s wrong.

Being too Clingy and Needy

You may want to spend all your time with your beloved at the beginning of a relationship. We totally get it and we have all been there. However, this could be the quickest way toward a relationship burnout. Allowing some breathing room and individual space is key to a thriving partnership. Make sure you’re balancing your new partner with the other important people and priorities in your life. It’s so valuable to create space in order for each individual to grow and have new and exciting things to share when you are together.

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