First Date Etiquette

By Published On: July 15, 2021

First dates are about putting your best self out there.

You want to make a great first impression while being honest about yourself.

Whether you’ve been actively dating or looking to get back in the game, here are some things you might want
to consider on your next date.

Dress for success

Or at least dress appropriately. You don’t want to be over or underdressed for any occasion, especially a date.
This lets your date know you value them enough to put in the effort. It’s important to dress your best and find
an outfit in which you feel most comfortable. This goes for men and women.

Be on time.

Delays sometimes happen but you really don’t want to keep someone waiting. Consider the mood
automatically spoiled if you show up late. This should go without saying, but make every effort to be there on
time. If you are going to be late, call and let them know.

Make eye contact

This shows that you’re engaged and interested in them and what they have to say. It also creates intrigue and
a sense of connection.

This is a great way to make a great first impression.

Ask Questions

Getting to know someone doesn’t mean interrogating them. Create a dialogue. Be genuinely invested in what
your date has to say. Ask thoughtful questions and really listen to their answers.

It’s easy to talk exclusively about yourself but it gets boring fast. Remember you’re on a date, not a job

Good manners

Chivalry is not dead. Remember to engage your best habits. Holding doors, keeping elbows off the table and
pulling out chairs have there place and definitely score brownie points.

Be Present

Leave your phone alone and give your full attention to your date. You both deserve to enjoy this time together
and discover how compatible you are. Nothing is worse than being with a person who’s distracted. This is a
chance to really take your time and slow down. Pay attention to your senses and how you feel in their presence
of your date and vice versa.

Keep things light

You don’t want to be discussing uncomfortable or heavy topics on a first date. This is not the time to be
discussing the past including exes! Keep it in present- tense. Have fun and really enjoy yourself. Cover topics
that excite you and keep you both in a fun and playful zone.

Notice their body language

How you position yourself sends a clear message to your date. Focus your body towards them and keep your
posture open. If your date seems disinterested in a topic of conversation, be mindful and re direct the focus
back to them.

Take a chance. If you can’t get a read on whether or not your date is interested and you really like them,
suggest to see them again. That may be a bold move but one worth taking. If they’re not interested, you’ll save
time thinking and worrying about it later.


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