Finding Love 2021

By Published On: June 14, 2021

Now more than ever it has become evident that people are longing for deeper and more meaningful connections.

Thanks to the pandemic, social isolation has become the norm and most interactions have become virtual. Online dating and apps have grown overly saturated and it can feel like a lot of work trying to filter through all the profiles.

As a result, it’s easy to become energetically depleted and demotivated.

Before you lose all hope there is a silver lining. This experience has given each of us a chance to take a step back and review our lifestyle and priorities and truly become more thoughtful and intentional.

Here are some great ways to move forward and meet new people while enjoying the process.

1. Hire a Matchmaker

Personalized matchmaking services are a safe, effective and convenient way to save you time while having the professionals do all of the work. A reputable service has a robust database of eligible singles who are emotionally committed, ready and available to date and meet their match. In addition to meeting quality people, most professional services offer coaching along the way that can help you break unconscious behavioural patterns that could be holding you back.

2. Put yourself out there IRL

There are still organic ways to meet others. Working from home has increased and with this increase people are feeling stir crazy and they naturally find excuses to step out. Why not utilize this as an opportunity to prime yourself and refresh your look. Too many of us have gotten overly comfortable in our sweats. Looking great equals feeling great and more confident. Head out to your local park for a solo lunch al fresco. Relax and take in the breeze as you never know who may come your way.

Specialty markets are a wonderful place to meet shoppers and foodies alike. Cooking has become a big part of our lives during covid. Venture out to your local market and take your time browsing through the aisles and don’t be shy to strike up a conversation about some product or ingredient for a dish you’re preparing. Be approachable and you never know, a virtual dinner date could follow!

3. Try Online Classes and Workshops

This is great because you get the chance to fulfill your interests and meet likeminded individuals. Write down a list of things you’ve always wanted to try and start your search. Whether you’re into meditation, languages, art, writing or film there are endless options out there. When you’re doing something you enjoy you’re in your most creative state and a group setting like this takes all the pressure off. You can be yourself while in your element. This is also a chance to broaden your social circle and connect with others who can potentially connect you with their single friends. Once you take control of your free time, you’ll start feeling more inspired which in turn makes you more attractive to others and an abundance of romantic opportunities will come your way.

4. Organize a Single Friend’s Mixer

Every person you know has their own social network in which many of whom may be single. Connect with a small group and have each person reach out to a couple of singles they know and organize a virtual cocktail hour mingle. This is a fun way to enjoy some social time and a comfortable way to put it out there that you’re single and open to meeting new people. There’s no pressure here, and if all else fails it’s a great chance to stay connected and interact with others outside of work!

5. Narrow down if you’re using dating Apps

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the online options out there. Find one or two that resonate best and be thoughtful in your approach. Sites with lengthy sign-up questionnaires and membership fees are usually more worthwhile. After all, those who are willing to pay a fee are more inclined to be serious and committed to finding a real connection. Take the time to put together a quality profile. Keep it positive and honest and true to who you are and what you are looking for. Being specific will save you time and energy so you don’t get trapped in the never-ending rabbit hole of internet dating.

Most importantly, the crucial thing when dating is being in the right state of mind and in heart. Really take the time to do an honest self-evaluation. Ask yourself, would you want to date you? This can really help you identify certain behavioural patterns you may be repeating that could be holding you back. Once you feel motivated and relaxed about the prospect of finding a partner, be proactive yet open to the outcome.

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