Dating Holiday Do’s and Don’ts

By Published On: November 14, 2021

As the holiday season approaches, it brings with it both dating pressures and expectations. Whether you find yourself single or coupled up, it’s a good idea to consider some important do’s and don’ts to help you navigate through this time of year. Here are some holiday dating tips.

DO say yes to holiday parties

If you are single, try to resist the urge to hibernate. Many of us fall into the habit of skipping social gatherings in exchange for nights in with Netflix. If this resonates with you, shift gears and make a conscious effort to dress up and celebrate the festive season in social gatherings. You never know who you’ll meet!

DON’T settle

The holidays are sentimental and it’s easy to feel lonely and want a partner close by your side. However, don’t let that dictate why or who you date. You don’t want to force a connection just for the sake of it.

DO consider thoughtful gift giving

Gift giving can be confusing in a new relationship. The last thing you want is overwhelm your partner and do too much or underwhelm them with too little. It’s best to be genuine and go with what feels most comfortable. Choose a gift that you’ve discussed or one you know would be meaningful to them. Alternatively, plan an activity date like a show or couples cooking class that you both can enjoy.

DON’T move too fast

Introducing your new S.O to friends and family is a big deal. Making introductions too early  can add unwanted pressure and anxiety. It’s best to wait until you’ve both established your commitment and relationship status.

DO pay attention to your own needs

It’s easy to get swept into doing too much and people pleasing while running yourself thin. Do your best to regularly check in with yourself and see how you are feeling physically and more importantly mentally and emotionally.

Don’t drink too much

Nobody wants to be the drunken person at the party. Make the occasional swap and enjoy some mocktails for a change. Enjoying a drink or two is one thing, but don’t get carried away. Drink responsibly.

By following some of these simple do’s and don’ts, your holiday dating experience will be more rewarding and less anxious.

Happy Holiday dating!

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